Wisconsin Cheesemakers

Andy Hatch, cheesemaker and manager of Uplands Cheese Co., in Dodgeville, Wis.

Uplands Cheese Co., Dodgeville, Wis.

Uplands Cheese Company in Dodgeville, Wis., managed by cheesemaker Andy Hatch, operates on the belief that great fields for happy cows leads to even greater milk, and that milk paired with great cheesemaking leads to highly decorated and award-winning artisan cheeses. Home to 300 acres of rolling landscape in the Driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin, Uplands uses an old-world model lifted from the French and Swiss Alps, where it produces cheese with fresh, unpasteurized milk from its own cows. Uplands is recognized nationwide for its Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Rush Creek Reserve cheeses. Read more about Uplands Cheese.

Chalet Cheese Cooperative is managed by master cheesemaker and America’s last traditional Limburger maker, Myron Olson.

Chalet Cheese Cooperative, Monroe, Wis.

Dubbed the “king of the stinky cheese,” Chalet Cheese Cooperative in Monroe, Wis., is America’s only producer of Limburger, the famous surface-ripened cheese with a pungent aroma. In fact, the 127-year-old company owned by 21 dairy farmers in Green County, produces and ships 500,000 pounds of the stinky cheese annually across the country. Read more about Chalet Cheese.


Tony Hook, owner of Hook's Cheese in Mineral Point, Wis.

Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, Wis.

There aren’t many husband and wife combos in Wisconsin who are married to cheesemaking like Tony and Julie Hook. With over 70 years of cheesemaking experience between them, the owners of Hook’s Cheese Company in Mineral Point, Wis., take pride in producing 40-plus varieties of cheese that consumers across the state of Wisconsin have come to appreciate. A supporter of family farms, Hook’s purchases all of its milk from small dairy farmers in the Mineral Point area.
Read more about Hook’s Cheese.

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